Amanda Jackson ~ Head Coach

Amanda, a former Markham swimmer, is a Level III Coach.  Amanda swam for the Markham Artistic Swimming Club from 1988-1996.  While at University she was Head Coach of the Guelph Synchro Club.  She rejoined our coaching staff in the 1999-2000 season and has been with the club since.


Heather Beveridge ~ Competitive Program

Heather started her synchro career as an athlete with the Hamilton Synchro Club, and swam for nine years, at both the Provincial and  the National level.  She has coached for Brant Synchro and in university was Head Coach of the Thunder Bay Sychro Club.  Heather swam at the Masters level for 5 seasons winning Nationals with her solo and a gold medal at the Pan-American Masters Games with her team in 2013. Heather joined our coaching staff in the 2007-2008 season.  


Monique Payne ~ Provincial Competitive

Monique started her synchro career when she was 5 years-old and has competed at both the provincial and national levels. She was very successful as a swimmer winning the first ever gold at Espoir in the 12 and under age group. She was also selected to swim on both the 10 and under and 11-12 Provincial teams. Her dedication comtinued even in the summer months when she would attend training camps in Florida where she also won an international competition.  

Cheryl Kaspar

Cheryl Kaspar ~ Provincial Competitive

Cheryl Kaspar was first introduced to Synchronized Swimming at the age of 7 in Valley East, Ontario (Sudbury). She competed provincially from 1984 to 1990. While overseas, she created a ‘Learn Synchro’ club at the private school where she taught. Since then, she has been coaching her high school swim team. She is excited to be returning to her roots to coach Synchro!


Kim Beveridge ~ Provincial Competitive

Kim swam for 10 years, 8 of them Nationally, with both Hamilton and Burlington Synchro clubs. She switched to speed swimming while at Queen’s University and went to Nationals representing her school, but synchro was never far from her mind. Upon graduating, Kim joined Markham as a coach and through the years, has coached at all levels and all age groups.


Jaeden Walz ~ Provincial Competitive

Jaeden started her synchro career at the age of 11, swimming on the provincial competitive 11-12 team at the Markham. Over the five years Jaeden swam, she competed in 3 duet and 5 team routines, including a 16-20 team routine she swam when she was just 14 years old. Although Jaeden does not swim anymore, she continues to share her love and passion for the sport and Markham Artistic Swimming through coaching and hopes to show swimmers how amazing and fun synchronized swimming is.

Viviana Santa

Viviana Santa ~ Novice

Viviana started swimming at the novice level when she was 11. After one year in novice she joined the 11-12 competitive team for one year and then continued onto the 13-15 team for four years. During her competitive career she also did 16-20 solo for two years and attended a Provincial Team training camp in the summer of 2017. She loves working with the swimmers, seeing how much they improve and helping to grow their love for synchro.

Vered Krukovsky

Vered Krukovsky ~ Novice

Vered started her synchro career back in 2007, at Markham Artistic Swimming club. she swam for 9 years at the provincial level, and had many successes that she got to share with her teammates. After finishing high school, her synchro career came to a pause as she went away to university. Now 4 years later, she is back at Markham Artistic Swimming beginning my transformation from former swimmer to current coach! she can't wait to see what surprises and adventures await her as she continue her journey as a coach at Markham synchro!

Maia DeKort

Maia DeKort ~ Novice

This season, Maia will be coaching the 12 year-old Novice team. She started her synchro career at the Markham Artistic Swimming Club in 2010. Over the years, Maia has competed provincially in solo, duet, and team routine competitions. Maia started coaching in the hopes that she could share her love of the sport with other swimmers and make Markham Artistic Swimming their home too.


Jamie MacLennan~ Novice

Jamie has been a swimmer with the Markham Artistic Swimming club since she was 7, starting with the recreational program. The following year she moved up to Novice and competed for two years. At the age of 10 she started competing at the provincial level and has been competing here ever since. This is Jamie’s 9th year of swimming, and she plans to stay in the sport for as long as she can. Due to the clubs positive and upbeat atmosphere she loves swimming here! Just last year Jamie started to coach recreational synchronized swimming, now Jamie is a Novice coach and loves every second of it.



Gaia Martin Del Fresno
Jaeden Walz
Sevoya Riddle